Professional Status



Software Engineer

Guidebook Inc.
Since August 2014
Responsibilities completed
  • Architect and build the initial version of the metrics pipeline based on Mixpanel
  • Part of the team currently maintaining the `mixpanel-query-py` project. See
  • Work in relation with the Front End team to implement the APIs powering the company CMS using Django and Django Rest Framework
  • Design and develop the Backend for the app activity feed new and existing APIs (Django and Django Rest Framework). This project also required us to use Redis as a caching system and a few Celery tasks.
  • Participate in the design and rewrite of the billing system integrated with Salesforce and Netsuite
  • Participate in the design and the implementation of the internal task tracking system. This system is used to control the flow of the app building process and could be extended to any Celery task.
  • Design and build the CSV/Excel importers, parsers and exporters used by the CMS users.
  • Write the unit tests related to the developed features
  • Mentor backend intern